Our skin is lined with paragraphs of our life’s story only of which we ourselves know. What we decide to share with others lies in the trust we give through time and love

Our skin is lined with paragraphs of our life’s story only of which we ourselves know. What we decide to share with others lies in the trust we give through time and love



Jonathan Schoonover

Seems like theres a lot of this style of portrait work going around between artists. Using these tacky  flower walls with awkward gestures created through clothing or lack there of . Not sure how I feel about it yet

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Tissue #1 (Nana’s Funeral), 2013. 

Spreading fellow photographers works 

I went to college With Julianne and I am kind of in love with this photograph she made recently. the black background helps give this transparent feel that you get when sheets and clothes are wet. its almost as if it is dampened by the tears of all the people that loved this woman so much and spent the time to say farewell 

Keep it up Jules

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As people we naturally get bored easily and in doing so we can miss details of some of the most extraordinarily beautiful things. I’ve noticed this most with winter. As the seasons change and grow warm everyone wishes for the cold and snow, but then as soon as it comes we wish it away because it is a hinderance to our lives. We stick our shovels into it and toss it out of our way. 

sometimes you should just stop and admire how beautiful it is before you do so



Working at Fenway is probably one of the best jobs a guy can have while going through college. The past 3 years have been great!

Its been a while since the last time I decided to ride around Boston. With all of the events that have happened this past year it made me forget how tranquil this city can be. 


#28 Jess Dugan

Artist and gender warrior, Jess Dugan, has captured the attention of photographers as well as the LGBTQ community. The above photographs are from two series, Every breath we drew (2011-current) and Transcendence (2005-2012). The theme of Jess’ work is to challenges society’s assumptions about gender and sexuality . 

In our society, it is assumed that there are only two genders, both of which come with very specific expectations and roles.  I aim to challenge that assumption by portraying people whose identity falls outside of these preconceived notions.  Transcendence is a collection of portraits within the transgender and gender variant community.  These photographs show that there are an endless number of gender identities, specific to each person, while illustrating that gender identity and biological sex are two distinct constructs.  More broadly, they call into question societal expectations about gender roles and how these expectations affect everyone, including those who are not a part of the transgender community. (Statements)

This month Every breath we drew has been featured on the Daylight’s website. Check out the podcast here!

1. From Every breath we drew, 2011

2. From Every breath we drew, 2012

3. Self Portrait with Mom, from Transcendence, 2005

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After the Bombs went off during the Boston Marathon the News crews took their places. standing in the action with their backs turned toward the disaster, it is their job to show the world what happened. 



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Boston has gone through a rough few days but there was some joy on Mission hill. Crowds of people from the area gathered to join together for support the people who have lost loved ones or are experiencing emotional stress and to give thanks to the heroes that spent so much time working to keep Boston safe. The police were more than happy helping out and shaking hands with pretty much all of the hundreds of people there. Everyone was so happy and supportive I am proud to live in this city. We are all Boston Strong.


To celebrate the end of Women’s History Month, we chose 9 talented female artists who are making exciting work to highlight on our blog. Over the next few days we’ll post all 9 here, but to see all of them, head over to Big Red & Shiny.


#3:   S. Billie Mandle, Amherst, MA

Saint Joseph, from the series Reconciliation

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A Land Made from Oil

Some side photographic ideas I am working on now is abstracted color in the landscape. It started with how snow drifts can be abstracted through the beautiful cold waves they form. My trouble has been getting the same kind of photographs without snow.  

TWINNINGHalf and Half

Camera : 20 x 24 Polaroid camera


The past weekend I decided to use a 20 x 24 Polaroid camera to continue photographing the relationship between my Mirror Twin brother, Jeff and I. For me, this is the perfect camera to use to for this project. How the camera works is that the photo is taken and then the film drops from the bottom. You then wait a certain period of time before peeling apart the two pieces to reveal a positive and a negative. Two halfs that when ripped apart reveal a positive and negative image. Two mirrored images. The  perfect process for talking about my relationship with my brother.


I have begun new photographic work dealing with my growing up without a male figure/father. It is because of this that I have realized that growing up without one has made me set unreasonably high standards for myself of what kind of a man I should become to deserve forming a relationship that could possibly lead to a family. I have this notion that I need to be financial secure which would allow me to feel stable then allowing me to be there for the person I form the relationship with. Coming to the realization also means I figured out why I am so scared of relationships and allowing people to get close to me. It is this fear that I to will be absent from their lives as well or that I will not be able to care fro them and give them what they need. I can only hope that they find better than what I think I deserve.

I can only hope that this work might help me work through some of these issues